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Young Humanists of the Prometheus Society, Slovakia

The Prometheus Society is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic on March 09, 1990 associating secular humanist citizens in Slovakia.

Some of our main aims are:

- associating secular humanist citizens in Slovakia (about 250 members)

- defending the interests of non-believers

- promoting freedom of thought, conscience, religion and other belief

- promoting human rights, humanism and ethics developing activities for satisfying the specific cultural and spiritual needs of citizens who do not profess any religion

The Prometheus Society is a member of the European Humanist Federation (EHF/(FHE) and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). The Society co-operates with several international humanist organisations.

Current situationin in Slovakia

Constitution of Slovakia: „The Slovak Republic is a sovereign, democratic state governed by the rule of law. It is not bound to any ideology or religion.”


- Concordats (Base Agreement, Pastoral Services, Religion Education, Conscientious Objection)

- 3 waves of church property restitutions (unclear ownership of the property)

- Churches financed by state (almost 100 million EUR in 2011 + non-standard transfers and grants. We received no funding in 20 years.)

- Religion education at state schools (Compulsory subject as an alternative to ethics, pastoral centers at Universities. Roman catholic only.)

- Religious schools financed by State

- The interests of non-believers are widely ignored by state

- Expert Committee for church financing – only the representatives of the church and the couple of state representatives of very obvious partiality. Ignorance or very arrogant answer of the State representatives to our meeting request. Social partners for Government Program Declaration - only churches were invited.

- Other facts threatening human rights, freedom and ideology independence Organized group praying in parliament and considerations about creation of chapel. Homophobic expressions about necessity of prohibition of gay parades. On the other hand church is the only institution with exception in law and must not apply for permission for the processions.

Our Activities

- newsletters, e-magazine, annual

- articles, comments, discussions, videos + translations

- webpage, facebook

- campaigns (census)

- events (Humanist of the Year Price Award)